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What do Clinics Cover?

“Beneath every behavior is a feeling. Beneath every feeling is a need. If we meet that need rather than focus on the behavior, we begin to deal with the cause not the symptom”. -Reimagining Recovery

WHY is the horse bucking, biting, spooking, refusing to leave their friend, not walking over the tarp, won’t pick up a certain lead, etc.


In the 1-, 2- and 3-day MAO Clinics, we will concentrate on meeting the need that is causing the behavior, not on the symptoms themselves. We will do this by learning what drives them using the information found in the Equine Mandala- the integration of 4 scientific disciplines- Neuroscience, Equine Ethology, Learning and Memory, and Horse Speak- the actual language of the horse.


Every time your horse does something that baffles you, get curious, observe it, and say to yourself, “How interesting”. What is the behavior telling you about what they need in that moment? How can you meet that need?

The best thing is that this work is completely technique neutral. It enhances all training methods. A quiet and attentive horse is much better when competing, doing cow work, or just moseying down the trail.


Learn WHY horses behave as they do under various circumstances based on:

  • the way their brain and central nervous system functions using Neuroscience.

  • how they see the world through Ethology.

  • how they learn through repetition, neurochemicals, and myelination.

  • the horse’s language called Horse Speak®.

Experience a new richness of communication with your horse through science and knowledge.

MAO Clinics include presentations and exercises on the theory and mechanics of the Equine Mandala.

Exercises help participants:

  • stay in Low Med or High Connection.

  • understand how the horse physically perceives their world. This helps people assist them to remain in a calm and alert frame of mind.

  • use correct-practice techniques to introduce a simple new skill for learning and memory.

  • gain insight into the value of Horse Speak by seeing it in action. 

These exercises are simple and can be practiced at home after the clinic.

If you’re considering taking a new journey with your horse, but would like additional information about what I teach, please order my wee book, “Being Herd”, available on

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