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Quotes & Testimonials

"Horse Speak changes everything! We are lucky to have Lucinda Baker here in the Pacific Northwest to help horses and their people!"

-Sabrina Heilbrun-Maldonado

“Wow!! Okay all you horse folks near, and far, Lucinda Baker's Clinic at FromtheMother Farm last Friday evening and all-day Saturday was absolutely fabulous! The amount of learning that was possible to come away with was incredible.

Lucinda ties Ethology (the study of animal behavior, in this case horses), with human/horse brain science, Neuroscience, Parasympathetic and Sympathetic body systems, and Horse Speak into a wonderful, clear, understandable PowerPoint presentation. She is funny, has stories to help with the understanding, uses 3 blowup horses to show the activation buttons of Horse Speak in 3D so you can clearly see where they are.

She explains things for folks who have never heard any of this kind of stuff- and deepens your understanding if you are already on a journey in this direction! She used her blowup horses for hands-on experience before we brought the living horses to the arena. This gave confidence to folks as she coached them through the parts of Horse Speak that would be practiced that day.”

-Nancy Kittleson

"I just attended the Horse Speak Deep Dive session.

It is well worth the time and investment! I am a volunteer with a horse rescue (Mustangs to the Rescue) and Lucinda has presented for us a few times. I was able to attend the introductory session last fall, when introduced to the "buttons".

One day while mucking in the mare’s pen, the lead mare, G2, was motioning to the "move back button". I wasn't putting it all together until a friend who was also mucking pointed out that she was telling a younger mare (Poppy) who is learning to be in a herd, to get back from where G2 was eating. It was thrilling to see! Looking forward to fluency in the language!!! Thank you, Lucinda"

-Barbara Kracher

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