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Girls Forever (29) Mp4

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Girls Forever (29) mp4

One of the major reasons for the family size to be really large in northernIndia is the son preference, because it's the son who stays with the family,and he's expected to look after his old parents. And girls are alwaysconsidered as, "somebody else's asset, not mine."

MANISHA GUPTA: Bride burning is common in India. And since women are sodispensable, and these young, little girls, you know, between the ages of 15 to24 are the most vulnerable, girls will get burned, they will get poisoned. Andso, therefore, a girl in the husband's house, at least for the first 10 or 15years, always walks on a tightrope.

NARRATOR: Abidi Shah, a social worker, has seen that whenwomen have greater access to education and job training, their status rises.Sixteen years ago, she visited a village on the outskirts of New Delhi.Dismayed by the plight of young girls there, she decided to act.

ABIDI SHAH (PRERANA - Better Life Program): There wasn't anysense among the girls of the adolescence, because they had lost their childhoodalready. They had to look after their younger brother and sister. They had tocook the food. They had to clean the house. They had to fetch the drinkingwater. No education for them, no food for them, no clothing for them.

NARRATOR: First Abidi had to convince a skeptical community tolet her teach vocational and health classes to adolescent girls. Next, she hadto show the girls themselves how education could improve their lives.

TOMOKO OMURA (Television Executive): I think there are two doorsfor women. One door has a ladder for promotion, and the other one doesn'treally have anything, and you just stay on the same level forever. And lots ofwomen end up taking copies and serving tea. And I didn't want to have that kindof work, and I was looking for a good lifetime career.

MR. OHNO:I can't depend on my children, so I don't know what to do. Itwould be great if the government builds lots of nursing homes and takes care ofus, but I don't have high expectations. Staying healthy is the best thing, butwe can't stay healthy forever.

NARRATOR: The toll of unwanted pregnancy can be seen in thewards of Kenyatta National Hospital. Half of all adolescent girls in thecountry bear children by age 19. Many don't have the means to care for theirbabies and attempt illegal abortions.

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For winning the competition, which only cast 10 girls instead of the usual 12 or more, Curry received a modeling contract with Wilhelmina Models in New York City, a photo spread in Marie Claire magazine, and a contract with Revlon cosmetics.

House hosted "The Look for Less," a program on the Style Network, in 2005. In 2008, she hosted a reality series called "Queen Bees," which attempted to turn "mean girls" into nice members of society. 041b061a72


All about horses.


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