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Nekojishi Voice Pack - Chinese Download Android: Enjoy Furry Romance with Full Voice Acting

hi sir im a huge fan of your creation nekojishi please can make the game available on android phones i actually want to have this game too.i only ended watching this in youtube please sir even my school mates love this too so i really want it.sadly i dant have a pc =(

Nekojishi Voice Pack - Chinese download android

Hi desmondwws! The Limited Edition is a self-contained bonus patch and does not affect any content in the Expansion Pack: A Sunny Day, however if you have the voice pack installed the Limited Edition content will be voiced.

The Beastmen are back with the release of Nekojishi Expansion Pack - A Sunny Day. This expansion pack adds 10 new CGs to the main story and an epilogue, taking place after the true ending. There are also new backgrounds and sprites of the beastmen wearing summer clothes. A voice pack was also released for Nekojishi, adding full Chinese voice acting to the game to hear what your favorite beastman sounds like.

If you came here looking for more Nekojishi, check out the DLC for the game Nekojishi Expansion Pack: A Sunny Day, Nekojishi Voice Pack - Chinese, and Nekojishi Original Soundtrack! The expansion pack adds new artwork and an epilogue story and the voice pack adds full voice acting to the game.

Hi there, the game was released as a complete story and all planned content has been released for it. (Including the voice over DLC and epilogue DLC) Feel free to download the game for free and we hope you enjoy the story! ?

Hi there, these CG's are a part of the Nekojishi Expansion Pack: A Sunny Day which you can buy here. ( -expansion-pack) For spoiler reasons it would be appreciated if you remove the images from your post since this appears right under the game and contains an image from right at the end of the game! Thanks for your interest. Feel free to email us at if you have any further questions!


All about horses.


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