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Building a Bridge between the amazing ethereal sensation of "Sharing Space" to the down-to-earth practicality of "Getting Things Done".



The ultimate “connection” with a horse requires the person to move in a similar rhythmic and balanced manner-

in harmony with their needs, values and concerns.

This can be learned.

Horses have the innate ability to mimic your every move, thought and emotion. This is how the most brilliant horse people make it look effortless to perform complex maneuvers. With the practice of motor skills and the clarity of the "ask",

you too will be able to experience this "moving as one" connection with the horse.


The horse counts on you to be part of the whole herd, even if that herd is just the two of you.

The intent behind your actions to Move-As-One (MAO) is immediately recognized by the horse as authentic.

The horse will give you feedback during your journey to MAO.

You will experience significant paradigm shifts on the way to this completely transformational experience.


Once you "feel" this, you won't ever want to go back.

The Equine Mandala Banner

To understand the horse, their language and World View, you must look at the horse as a whole. This is why we have developed the Equine Mandala.​

The information represented by the Mandala is the basis of MAO's learning program for both horse and human. That "human" part is important.

Learn why horses behave as they do under various circumstances based on the way their central nervous systems (which includes the brain) function and how they see the world. Using Horse Speak® we can, for the first time, really understand what the horse is asking of us. These elements are crucial to your success in effectively communicating with them.

The synergy of this research represents a fundamentally new approach to working with your horse and works with any training technique. This work enhances, but does not replace, what you currently know and do.

Experience a new richness of communication with your horse through science and knowledge.


Horse Speak changes Everything

Video showing the Backup Button in action.

Moving as One riding clinic

Horses are amazing creatures. 

Their physical and mental make-up differs from yours in many ways.

Their unique values form their World View.

Horses are talking to us all the time. Since they cannot learn to speak,

it is up to you to learn their language and understand their World View

in order to respond correctly and have success.

The Moving-As-One (MAO) Program will guide you through a transformational experience, advancing your knowledge and confidence with all horses.

"Beneath every behavior there is a feeling. And beneath every feeling there is a need. When we meet that need rather than focus on the behavior,

we begin to deal with the cause and not the symptom"Reimaging Recovery


This goes for the horse as well as the human. Ask yourself WHY is the horse bucking, biting, spooking, refusing to leave their friend, not walking over the tarp, not picking up a certain lead, etc?

Stop Focusing on the Symptom. Focus instead on what your horse's needs are by learning what drives their behavior based on their World View through its mind and body.

Here's what a few people have said about this program.


Kim- Redmond, OR

"This past weekend was an incredible experience for me. I am blown away how my mind has opened up and my thinking changed. I have a new appreciation for everything you have taught me. Thank you for your support."

Rachel & Khan

"I'm so thankful I met Lucinda!

After 3 professional trainers, I still was afraid to ride my horse, Khan. After ONE lesson with Lucinda, I discovered I have a friend and I'm confident in him, and he in me. We humans tend to overthink and analyze If we just stop and listen to our horse, we can realize what they've been saying to us all along, and we never heard it!

This has meant the world to me. I'm so in love with my new partner and I look forward to every minute I get to grow our bond.

Thank you with all my heart Lucinda B."

Warm Springs Filly for Website.jpg

Beth Lynn Matanane

"Beyond Gracious is Lucinda Baker! Look at what she has accomplished with kindness in 3 weeks!!! Look at the possibilities when the gentle hand of reason touches you! 

This Warm Springs 8-month-old filly came to WSHN (the Warm Springs Horse Network) a little over a month ago. YES, THAT IS A WARM SPRINGS FILLY. LOOK at her now!!!!!


She also went home to her new owner this morning over the hill. She has the knowledge to success and will be one of the forerunners in the equine world - just wait and see."

In my classes, we cover all these ideas, help put them in context, and show you how to support your horse for success. This is done with practical exercises that we work through together as a team. It's about you and the horse. Once you have the foundation down with this work you will be able to have fun in any discipline.

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