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To understand horses' behavior and communicate clearly, speaking their language and understanding their world view is essential.

"Trust is the glue of life. It's the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It's the foundational principle that holds all relationships." -
Stephen R. Covey

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I have information that will enable you and your horse to learn how to stay connected in the "Being Herd" Mindset through my Being Herd Learning Program. I teach the human to understand the horse and how to interact with them appropriately in any situation to achieve calm/alert. 

Horses are constantly talking to one another and are attempting to communicate with us using their own language of Postures, Signals and Gestures. Sharon Wilsie spent years decoding their activities and developed a way for us to interact with horses using their native language. She calls it Horse Speak.

Using these Precise Equine Body Language Skills, we (you) can listen to, and actually talk to your horse. While Horse Speak is, most likely, infinitely complex, just the first few steps never fail to yield significant results.


To help us further understand the horse's motivations and behaviors, I also offer information on the Central Nervous System and the Brain, Equine Ethology, and neurochemicals that influence Learning, Memory and Emotions. With this we can, for the first time, really understand what the horse's needs are, and how to meet them. When a horse feels understood- that is "Being Herd". Understanding these elements greatly increases our success with the horse or horses in your life.

​The synergy of this research represents a fundamentally new approach to working with your horse and works with any training technique.

This work enhances, but does not replace, what you currently know and do.


In my classes, we cover all these ideas, help put them in context, and show you how to support your horse for success. This is done with practical exercises that we work through together as a team. It's about you and the horse. Once you have the foundation down with this work you will be able to have fun in any discipline.

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