Helping horses and people through science & knowledge.

Lucinda B. is dedicated to sharing her years of experience to help horses and humans through experiential programs, group workshops, and speaking at events. 


She takes the science-based approach. It does not replace what you already know, but expands your knowledge, and gives you the tools for success. ​​

Some things you will learn are:

Develop the confidence you need to be safe and secure.

Methods to bring your horse's stress level down.

To understand the horses World View.

Learn to achieve Homeostasis or "Zero(r)" with your horse.

To have your horse perform a task willingly as a partner.

To have your horse be physically and mentally engaged.​​​​​

Lucinda B.'s science-based curriculum takes you through a transformative experience, resulting in a deeper connection with your horse and yourself.

This supportive information can be used in any discipline.


Host Lucinda B. at your next event. Get in-depth knowledge on how horses learn, think, and operate according to their World View.


You will find there are many opportunities to experience

Lucinda B. Equine Science & Knowledge.


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Kim - Redmond, OR

“This past weekend was an incredible experience for me. I am blown away how my mind has opened up and my thinking changed. I have a new appreciation for everything you have taught me. Thank you for your support.”

Rachel & Khan

"I'm so thankful I met Lucinda! After 3 professional trainers I still was afraid to ride my horse Khan. After ONE lesson with Lucinda, I discovered I have a friend and a confidant in him, and he in me. Us humans tend to overthink and analyze, when if we just stop and listen to our horse, we can realize what they've been saying to us all along, and we never heard it! This has meant the world to me. I'm so in love with my new partner and I look forward to every minute I get to grow our bond. Thank you with all my heart Lucinda B. & BentWire Ranch."

Beth Lynn Matanane

"Beyond Gracious is Lucinda Baker! Look at what she has accomplished with kindness in 3 weeks!!! Look at the possibilities when the gentle hand of reason touches you! This Warm Springs 8 month old filly came to WSHN - the Warm Springs Horse Network a little over a month ago..YES THAT IS A WARM SPRINGS FILLY - LOOK at her now... !!!!!! She also went home to her new owner this morning over the hill. She has the knowledge to succeed and will be one of the forerunners in the equine world - just wait and see. THANK YOU LUCINDA BAKER OF BENTWIRE RANCH IN BEND, OREGON!!! THANK YOU!!!"