This evidence-based knowledge will give you tools to resolve challenges with any horse.


Equine Mandala™

A four-sided holistic approach to understanding horses, their behavior and World View.


Equine Biology & Physiology

This science applies to all animals as they/we all possess a Central Nervous System (CNS).  This includes the brain, spinal cord, and all sensory neurons.  



"The WHY of the horse."​

Horse's World View

Ethology is the study of animal behavior. This science was developed from the need to understand how animals behave in their own environment.


"Looking through their eyes will open ours."

Learning Their Language

People who live with animals know they respond to us by teaching them our language. This science shows we can learn their language and have a general conversation.


"Form a bond that is deep and authentic."

Learning To Learn

How does a horse learn? You must convey your intentions without words. They have no words to let you know they got that information.


"Learning release of pressure makes learning easier for your horse."

Finding Zero


Finding zero and finding homeostasis are the same thing.

All horses want to be in Zero. They really want you to be there with them.


When you find your own Zero, then they know they can count on you when things go south.

"Being close to homeostasis can win you a blue ribbon."