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CEO • Business Entrepreneur • Researcher • Artist • Horsewoman • Teacher  

Lucinda B. started learning about horses at a very young age.  Her father Jack, using his generations of passed down knowledge, taught Lucinda kindness and a deeper understanding towards the horse and all animals.  

Early Childhood Education taught her the valuable skill of observation and patience.  She developed her motor skills learning classical hunter jumper and hunt seat at Flintridge Riding Academy during her younger years.

From there she started her education in Neuroscience and Equine Ethology, and how the brain learns, works out emotions, and how the central nervous system plays a role in these processes.

Lucinda B. teaches the elements of Horse Speak® understanding the language of the horse.

Lucinda B. is committed to her work, to help humans and horses along the way.

"My hope is for you to be the best you can be with your horse."

Today Lucinda B. lives, works, and teaches at BentWire Ranch in Bend, Oregon.  


Along with her 25+ years of observation and experience, Lucinda B. attributes much of her knowledge to some of the world's top scientists and horsemanship leaders.  

Here are some of her most inspirational mentors and scholars:

Dr. Marthe Kiley-Worthington

Eco Research & Education Center

Konrad Lorenz

Zoologist, Ethologist, Ornithologist

A holistic approach to a deeper connection between horses and people.

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