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CEO • Business Entrepreneur • Researcher • Artist • Horsewoman • Teacher  

Lucinda B started learning about horses at a very young age. Her father Jack was an avid rider and taught her kindness and a profound empathy with all animals.  

She learn classical hunter jumper and hunt seat at Flintridge Riding Academy starting at age 5. Her subsequent study of Early Childhood Education taught her the value of observation and patience.

After raising a family she bought a horse and spent 10 years of "Natural Horsemanship" clinics. Her experience with these clinics convinced her that "there just HAD to be more to it". This led her to begin studying Neuroscience and Equine Ethology- how the brain learns, works out emotions, and how the brain and central nervous system play a role in these processes.

Lucinda B now teaches Horse Speak®- the basis of equine natural language.

Lucinda B describes her work as helping people form true partnerships with their horses through direct and honest communication.

"My hope is for you to be the best you can be with your horse."


Today Lucinda B. lives, works, and teaches at BentWire Ranch in Bend, Oregon.  


Along with her 25+ years of observation and experience, Lucinda B. attributes much of her knowledge to some of the world's top scientists and horsemanship leaders.  

Here are some of her most inspirational mentors and scholars:

Dr. Marthe Kiley-Worthington

Eco Research & Education Center

Frans de Waal, PhD

Primatologist & Ethologist

Jaak Panksepp

Neuroscientist & Psychobiologist

Konrad Lorenz

Zoologist, Ethologist, Ornithologist

Carl Safina

Ecologist & Author

Dr. Stephen Peters &

Martin Black

Tom & Bill Dorrance

Natural Horsemanship

Mark & Crissi Rashid

Author & Horseman

Linda Kohanov

Author, Speaker, Horse Trainer

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

Coach & Consultant

Sharon Wilsie

"Horse Speak"

Brene Brown Ph.d., LMSW

Researcher, Storyteller

Dr Stephen Porges

Polyvagal Theory

Daniel J Siegel MD


Tom Dorrance

True Unity