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Landon Stewart

=LINK= Full Fitoor

I recommend Fitoor be used to promote tourism in the Valley. As for Charles Dickens and Great Expectations, thankfully the author is not around to see how far his novel about forbidden love has been taken away from its roots.

full Fitoor


The movie beautifully explains two love stories. One reflects the dark fraud love with greedy means, which remains torture with a lady who dies with the same suffering and pain the man gave. And the other story narrates an eternal long-lasting love story that started with the innocent days of childhood.

The movie has a strong romantic plot. The Fitoor film is full of romance and is entirely acted by strong actors like Aditya Roy Kapoor as Noor Nizami, Tunisha Sharma as Young Firdaus, Mohammed Abrar Sheikh as Young Noor, Katrina Kaif as Firdaus, Talat Aziz as a diplomat from Pakistan, and Tabu as Begum Hazrat.

All of the actors did an excellent job of portraying their respective roles. This was the first time we saw a mother stop her daughter from seeking love because of her tragic experience. Given its heartbroken protagonist's challenges, the love drama is beautifully scripted and well-directed.

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All about horses.


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