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Free Download Awde Negest Pdf

Free Download Awde Negest Pdf

Are you interested in learning about the ancient Ethiopian astrology and law? Do you want to know your personality, destiny, and advice based on your name, birth month, and other factors? If yes, then you might want to download the Awde Negest pdf for free.


Awde Negest (also spelled Awdenegest or Awda Negest) is a collection of Ethiopian laws and codes that was compiled in the 15th century. It is based on the Fetha Negest, the law of the kings, which was derived from the Bible and other sources. Awde Negest covers various topics such as civil, criminal, ecclesiastical, and customary law.

Awde Negest is also an Ethiopian astrology that divines personality and behavior of a person, gives prediction and advises about different aspects of life such as marriage, travel, enmity, pregnancy, trial, illness, business and so much more by calculating the letters of names, places, months and other fields that are required by the categories you choose. There are 60 categories to choose from and each of the categories gives the result it describes. Since Awde Negest relies only on Ge'ez/Amharic letters, you can only enter Ge'ez/Amharic letters on the required fields.

If you want to download the Awde Negest pdf for free, you have a few options. One option is to visit the Internet Archive website, where you can find a scanned copy of the Awde Negest book in Lithuanian language. You can download it as a pdf file or read it online. Another option is to download the Awde Negest: Ethio Astrology app from Google Play Store, which is a digital version of the Awde Negest astrology. You can use this app to calculate your results and read them on your phone or tablet. The app has a good user interface and ratings from users. However, it may require internet access for some explanations and it may not include some features such as ሓሳበ ዕጣ (the lot of fate).

Whether you download the Awde Negest pdf or the app, you will be able to access a rich source of Ethiopian culture and wisdom. You will learn more about yourself and your life through the ancient laws and astrology of Ethiopia. You will also be able to share your results with your friends and family and compare them with theirs. Awde Negest is a fascinating and unique book that you should not miss.


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