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Miracle Piano Software Download

The Miracle Piano Teaching System consists of a keyboard, connecting cables, power supply, soft foot pedals, and software. The software comes either on 3.5" floppy disks for personal computers or on cartridges for video game consoles. After the supplied MIDI keyboard is connected to a console or computer and the included software is loaded, a user follows the on-screen notes. Its marketed value is as a tool to teach users to play the piano. It provides hundreds of lessons,[2] and was advertised as the perfect adjunct to formal lessons. It was sold for US$500 and had low sales, in part due to its high price.

Miracle Piano Software Download

Download File:

Computer Gaming World liked the Miracle system's games and graphics, describing them as "not only entertaining and challenging, but they are also cleverly designed to reinforce the lessons". The magazine concluded, "everything that Software Toolworks promises about this system is true [but] there is still no substitute for parental involvement".[11] David Wesley and Gloria Barczak mentioned that the system was praised by educators and that in 1990 it was the highest-rated third-party NES title by Nintendo's software review team.[1] It was not well-suited to average gamers who lacked musical experience or who were not highly committed and dedicated to undertaking long-term electronic piano learning.[1] PC Magazine mentioned the system as being easy to use and likely more patient than a live piano teacher though the system did not cover certain aspects of piano playing such as hand position.[2] The game was reviewed in the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Guide Book where the authors described it as "by far the highest use a video-game machine has ever been put to".[10]

I purchased a copy of Miracle Piano on Ebay that ran on windows. I had to dumb down an old laptop to win 7, use the midi to usb and it worked great. I am hoping someone will convert to win 10. I had the original miracle piano when it first came out on the 5 1/4 floppy disks. Miracle Piano is the best piano teaching system I have ever seen by far. If anyone has discovered anything close to Miracle or ? please post. Thanks.

I guess this subject is dead. I will dig out the old laptop I dumbed down to run it again. Anyone interested in the very best piano teaching program that ever was? Miracle Piano is it. It's too bad learning software is not as popular as games. Even though Miracle Piano is kind of a game.

his page has information, schematics and downloadable manuals for owners of the Macintosh, NES, SNES, and Genesis versions of the Miracle Piano Teaching System. Users of the PC ("IBM") version of the Miracle should consult our Miracle Piano Teaching System FAQ. That FAQ, while directed to the PC version, is more substantial and may also have some useful general information for owners of non-PC versions.Please note that we are NOT "Miracle Technical Support," nor are we employees of any firm connected with the Miracle, nor do we have any financial interest in any such firm. We have not sold and do not sell Miracle software or hardware. We do not receive any remuneration of any sort from our efforts to help those who contact us about the Miracle. We do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the statements below or for your ability to carry them out on your system. Exercise due care when you make any changes to your hardware or software configurations. If you have special knowledge of the Miracle for any computer type or are willing to provide other help, such as documentation, pleasehelp by sending me an e-mail describing your expertise or information.

Q: Are there other emulators that might allow me to run other, non-PC, Miracle software on the PC?A: You can find an emulator for just about any non-PC software that will allow you to run it on the PC under some or all versions of Windows. We have not tested all of this software, but you can find it by searching the terms " Windows emulator software".If you are interested in running one of the non-PC versions of the Miracle software on your PC, there are many emulators available for free download, along with ROM downloads of the Miracle software itself for SNES and Genesis systems. I have tested a few of these emulator/ROM download combinations. They work, although they are inherently limited by the low screen resolution of the machines for which they were written. Most PC or Mac users will find these ROM downloads to be a poor substitute for the PC software.

Please note that you MUST be a legitimate owner of the Miracle system (i.e. possessing the software on the original diskettes) and you MUST retain the copyright information present in the files if you download any of them. These files are for personal, non-commercial use only. They may not be sold, either alone or in combination with Miracle Piano hardware or software, by any person or entity. A seller of used, properly licensed Miracle software may refer the buyer to this page to obtain these electronic versions of the original print manuals.

Q: I'm convinced that the Miracle keyboard needs repair. Can I get my Miracle keyboard repaired anyplace?A: We know of no company that does repair of the Miracle keyboard at this time. However, thanks to the generosity of one the original designers of the Miracle keyboard, we now have schematics of both the Main Board and the Sound Engine for the keyboard. You can download those in PDF format just below. If you can read the schematic and handle a solder gun, you may be able to make your own repairs. The designer also indicates that he has limited supplies of parts for the keyboard, mostly the IC's. If you're looking for repair parts, use our Miracle problem report form to make a request. We will forward it to the designer to see if he possesses those parts. Do not attempt your own repairs unless you are thoroughly familiar with electronic schematics and have experience soldering on multi-level printed circuit boards! If you can't do repairs yourself, you may be able to take these schematics to an electronics repair shop and have the repair done for you. These schematics are free to download for personal, non-commercial use only. They may not be sold, either alone or in combination with Miracle Piano hardware or software, by any person or entity.

The graphical interface is intuitive and straightforward to use. Thehomepage provides a composite view of the overall operation of anychannel, and full real-time metering is provided for all channels. Thesoftware is available now as a free download from

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