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Why should I use SyMenu?- Ease of use: really! SyMenu is easy to learn but, at the same time, it gives you a deep complexity to explore if you want;- Strong customization: you can organize all your applications in a hierarchical structure with custom names, descriptions, colorful folders, separators and labels;- Large program suites: the Standard for Portable Software (SPS) allows to install, update and remove the programs available in the SyMenu suites automatically;- Fully customizable menu: you can choose which built-in elements to add to your personal SyMenu;- Portability means freedom: if you work in a strict controlled IT environment you won't need anymore to ask your IT administrator the permission to install that umpteenth useful program, do it with in the portable way;- Portability means cleanliness: you know that Windows suffers for frequent programs installation and uninstallation. The portable programs don't need to be installed and your PC System folders and Registry will thank you;- Search bar: (Windows like) it allows to quickly search amongst any SyItem configured on menu;- Search bar wrapper for Windows: SyMenu exposes through its Search bar every program linked in the host PC Windows Start menu too;- Extension Manager: it allows to temporarly replace the normal Windows extension associations with the SyMenu custom extension associations;- Autoexec: it allows to launch a custom list of SyItems at SyMenu startup or closing;- Execution modes: Run, RunAs, Open folder, Show Properties, Run as Admin, Configure item;- Batch Import: it's really helpful to massive import of a new SyItem set;- Plugin support: you can extend the SyMenu capabilities with one of its plugins or you can write something new by your own;- Multilingual: up till now the languages supported are Chinese Traditional, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish;- Free of charge: and finally you don't have to pay for it!SyMenu SPS Suite (1047 tools):- .NET Version Detector- 10AppsManager- 1by1 The directory player- 3D Youtube Downloader (x64)- 3D Youtube Downloader (x86)- 7+ Taskbar Tweaker- 7-Zip (x64)- 7-Zip (x86)- A Dark Room Portable- A56 File Manager (x64)- A56 File Manager (x86)- AbleWord- Abricotine (x64)- AccessChk- AccessEnum- AdExplorer- AdiIRC (x64)- AdiIRC (x86)- AdInsight- AdRestore- ADS Revealer- AdwCleaner- Aegisub- AHD Subtitles Maker Professional- Ahnenblatt- AIMP Skin Editor- AIMPPortable- Album Printer- Alt Commander- Alternate Pic View Portable- Altirra- AM-DeadLink- Ancestris- Android Studio portable (x64)- Angry IP Scanner (x64)- Angry IP Scanner (x86)- Ant Movie Catalog- AntiSpy- Anti-Twin- Anuran- Any Burn- AnyDesk- ApexDC++- AquaSnap- ArcConvert- ArcThemAll!- ArsClip- Artha Portable- Arti- AS-Blanker- ASCII Generator- AsfBinWin- AS-File Crypt- AS-Hex Color- AS-Password Generator- AstroGrep- Atom Portable- Attribute Changer (x64)- Audacious- Audacity- Audiotester- AutoHideDesktopIcons- AutoHideMouseCursor (x64)- AutoHideMouseCursor (x86)- AutoHotkey Compiler- AutoIT- Autologon- AutoRarPar- Autoruns- Avanti- Avidemux (x64)- Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder- Back4Sure (x64)- Back4Sure (x86)- Balabolka- Bandizip- Bandizip (x64)- Barbecue- Bare Tail- Bat To Exe Converter- BCUninstaller- Beaker Browser portable (x64)- BeCyIconGrabber- Bestimate- BgInfo- Birthdays- Blank And Secure (x64)- Blank And Secure (x86)- BleachBit- Blender (x64)- Blender (x86)- BlueLifeHosts Editor- Blumind- Boom- Borderless Gaming portable (x86)- BowPad (x64)- BowPad (x86)- Brave portable (x64)- Brave portable (x86)- Bulk Rename Utility- BurnAwareFreePortable- CacheSet- Caesium- Caffeine- Calendar- Calibre Portable- CAM XML Editor (x64)- CAM XML Editor (x86)- CamStudio Portable- Caprine portable (x64)- CarotDAV- Caustic- CCEnhancer- CCleaner Portable- CCS64- CDBurnerXP- CDRtools Frontend- CG Font Load Unload- Cheat Engine- Check Flash- CheckDiskGUI- cherrytree- Chopping List- Chromium Portable- CintaNotes- Clavier+ (x64)- Clavier+ (x86)- CLCL- Clink- Clipdiary Portable- Clipjump- ClipTrap- ClipX- ClockRes- CloneApp- Cmail (no SSL)- Cmail (with SSL)- Cmder- Color Correction Wizard- ColorConsole- ColorMania- Comic Book Archive Creator- Comodo Cleaning Essential (x64)- Comodo Cleaning Essential (x86)- Complete Internet Repair- Config Fox (x64)- Config Fox (x86)- ConsoleZ- Contig- Converber- CookTimer- Copy Handler- Core Temp (x64)- Core Temp (x86)- Coreinfo- Covart Ops- CPU-Z- Create Synchronicity- Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader- CrowdInspect- CrowdResponse- CrystalDiskInfo Portable- CrystalDiskMark Portable- CSVed- Ctrl2cap- CudaText- CudaText (x64)- CueMaster- CUETools- Cyberduck- Cyberfox (x64)- CyLR (x64)- CyLR (x86)- Database Browser Portable- Database.NET- Date Reminder- DBeaver portable (x64)- DDownloads Free- DeadPix- DebugView- DeepBurner Free- Defraggler Portable- Deletist- Deluge Portable- Dependencies (x64)- Dependency Walker (x64)- Dependency Walker (x86)- DesktopOK (Unicode) (x86)- DesktopOK (x64)- DesktopOK (x86)- Desktops- Device Cleanup Tool- DevProject Manager- DFIRTriage- digiKam (x64)- Dimensions 2 Folders- Directory Compare- Discord portable (x86)- Discord PTB portable (x86)- Disk Digger- Disk Usage- Disk2vhd- DiskExt- Diskmon- DiskView- Display Driver Uninstaller- DMDE (x64)- DMDE (x86)- DNS Benchmark- DNS Jumper- Docker Toolbox portable (x64)- Dolphin- Don't Sleep (x64)- Don't Sleep (x86)- DOSBox- Double Driver- DoubleCommander (x64)- DoubleCommander (x86)- DoubleKiller- DriveGLEAM- DriverBackup- Drop Zone- DropIt- DShutdown- DSpeech- DSynchronize- DUMo Portable- Duplicate Cleaner Free- Duplicate Files Finder- DVDStyler (x32)- DVDStyler (x64)- DxWnd- Earl- Easy Context Menu- Easy service optimizer- Echosync- EFSDump- Emby Theater portable (x64)- Emby Theater portable (x86)- Emsisoft Emergency Repair Kit- epCheck- ePSXe- Eric'sMovieDataBase- Error Lookup- ESBUnitConv- EssentialPIM- Etcher (x64)- eToolz- Eusing Free Registry Cleaner- EVACopy- Everything (x64)- Everything (x86)- Executor- ExifTool- ExifToolGUI- ExperienceIndexOK- ExtractNow- Falkon- Far Manager (x64)- Far Manager (x86)- Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST x64)- Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST x86)- FART (x64)- FART (x86)- FastCopy (x64)- FastCopy (x86)- Fastest Web Browser- FastIR Collector (x64)- FastIR Collector (x86)- FastStone Image Viewer- FastStone Photo Resizer- FeedReader- ffDiaporama (x64)- ffDiaporama (x86)- File Blender- File Bucket- File Governor- File Punter- File Transfer (x64)- File Transfer (x86)- FileASSASSIN- FileInfo- FileMenu Tools- FileOptimizer- Files 2 Folder- FileVoyager Full- FileVoyager NoVLC- FileZilla- Filmotech- Filmotech (x64)- Filmotech ScriptEdit- Find And Replace Tool- FindLinks- Flashnote Portable- Folders Popup- FontForge Portable- FontViewOK- foobar2000- Forta- Fotografix- Fotor (x64)- Foxit Reader Portable- Frameless- Franz portable (x64)- Franz portable (x86)- fre:ac free audio converter- Free Audio Video Pack- Free Audio Video Pack (x64)- Free Download Manager- Free ISO Burner- Free QR Creator- Free Virtual Keyboard- FreeArc- FreeCommander- Freeraser- FreeVideoJoiner- FS-UAE- GameSave Manager- GanttProject- GeekUninstaller- GeoGebra- GetWindowText (x64)- GetWindowText (x86)- GifCam- GIGATweaker Win7- Gimp Portable- Git (x64)- Gixen Desktop Manager- Glary Utilities- glogg- GNU PSPP (x64)- GnuPG portable (x86)- GoogleChromePortable- gpg4usb- GPU Caps Viewer- GPU-Z- GPX Editor- GPXSee- Greenfish Icon Editor Pro- Greenshot- Gridy- GSpot- GT Text (x64)- GT Text (x86)- GuardAxon- GWX Control Panel- Handbrake portable (x64)- Handle- HD Speed (x64)- HD Speed (x86)- HDD Guardian- HDD LLF Low Level Format Tool- HDD Raw Copy- HeidiSQL- Hex2dec- HexBrowserNET (x64)- HexBrowserNET (x86)- HFS (HTTP File Server)- HiBit Startup Manager- HiBit System Information- HiBit Uninstaller- HLSW portable (x86)- Hokrain- Homedale- Honeyview- HostsMan- HotSpotStudio- HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool- HTMLminify- HWiNFO- HWMonitor- HxD - Hex Editor and Disk Editor- i2pdf (x64)- i2pdf (x86)- Icecream Image Resizer- Icepine Free DVD to AVI Converter- IcoFX- Iconus- IE Proxy Toggle- ILSpy .NET Decompiler- Image Composite Editor (x64)- Image Uploader- ImageToMp3- ImgBurn- InFile Seeker- InfraRecorder (x64)- InfraRecorder (x86)- Inkscape- Inno Setup portable (x86)- InnoEx- Insomnia portable (x64)- Instagiffer- IntelliJ IDEA Community portable (x64)- IntelliJ IDEA Community portable (x86)- IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate portable (x64)- IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate portable (x86)- IOBit Driver Booster Free- IObit Unlocker Portable- IObitUninstallerPortable- iPhotoDraw- IREC Free- IrfanView- IrfanView (x64)- IsMyHdOK (x64)- IsMyHdOK (x86)- IsMyLcdOK (x64)- IsMyLcdOK (x86)- ISO2Disc- ISOBuster- Isotoxin- Isotoxin (x64)- Jarte- JCloisterZone - Carcassone clone- JDownloader 2- JoyToKey- JPEGView- Junction- Just Color Picker- KAPE- KeePass Classic- KeePass Professional- KeePassXC (x64)- KeePassXC (x86)- Kega Fusion- Ketarin- KeyCastOW- KeyCounter- Keypirinha- Kid3- KiTTY portable (x86)- K-Meleon- Koda (x86)- Kodi Portable- KompoZer- Krita (x64)- Krita (x86)- LAN Messenger- LAN Search Pro- LaunchyQT- LaZagne- LazPaint Portable- LDMDump- LeDimmer- LessMSI- LibreOffice Portable- Lingoes Portable- LinkChecker- LinuxLive USB Creator- List Numberer- Listary- ListDLLs- Listen N Write Free- LiveKd- LMMS (x64)- LMMS (x86)- LoadOrder- LogonSessions- Looper- Lucidity- LUD - Lister Un Dossier- Macrorit Disk Partition Expert- Macrorit Free Disk Scanner- Magnifixer- MAMEUI32- MAMP- ManicTime- Marble Portable- MarkdownPad 2- MDB Viewer Plus- Media Companion (x64)- Media Player Classic- Media Player Classic - HC (x64)- Media Player Classic - HC (x86)- Media Player Hotkeys- MediaElch- MediaInfo- MediaInfo (x64)- Mem Reduct- MemPad (x64)- MemPad (x86)- MetaPad- Midi Monitor- MIDI-OX- Milton- mimikatz- MiniCap- MiniHost- MiniTool Partition Wizard Free- MiniTool Partition Wizard Free (x64)- mIRC portable (x86)- MKVToolNix (x64)- MKVToolNix (x86)- MobaLiveCD- MobaXterm- Molotov portable (x64)- Molotov portable (x86)- Moo0 File Monitor- Mouse Acceleration Toggler- MoveFile- MozBackup- Mozilla Firefox Portable- mp3DirectCut- Mp3tag- MP3val- mRemoteNG portable (x86)- MuLab (x64)- MuLab (x86)- Multi Commander- Multi Commander (x64)- MultiBootUSB- MultiDesk- Music Collection- music2pc- MusicBee- MyImgur- NAPS2- Nemp - Noch ein Mp3-Player- NetIO-GUI- NetSetMan- NetStress- Network Stuff- NetWorx- Nextcloud portable (x64)- NexusFile- NexusFont- NexusImage- NFOPad- Ninja Download Manager Portable- No$2k6- No$C64- No$GBA- No$PSX- No$SNS- Nomad.NET- Notepad++ minimalist package- Notepad++ minimalist package (x64)- Notepad2-mod (x64)- Notepad2-mod (x86)- NotMyFault- NTag- NTFSInfo- O&O AppBuster- O&O ShutUp 10- Ocenaudio Portable (x64)- Ocenaudio Portable( x86)- Office Image Extraction Wizard- OneLoupe (x64)- OneLoupe (x86)- OnTopReplica- Open Electribe Editor (x64)- Open Hardware Monitor- Opened Ports Viewer- OpenShot (x64)- OpenVPN portable (x64)- OpenVPN portable (x86)- Oracle JDK 11 portable (x64)- Oracle JDK 12 portable (x64)- Oracle JDK 8 portable (x64)- Oracle JDK 8 portable (x86)- Outport- OW Shredder- Paint.NET Portable- Pale Moon Portable- Pale Moon Portable (x64)- Parkdale- Passcape ISO Burner- PatchMyPC- Paul Stretch- PazeraAudioExtractor- PC Decrapifier- PC On/Off Time- PCI-Z- PCI-Z (x64)- PCSX2- PdfBooklet- PDFInfoGUI- PDFTK Builder Portable- PDF-XChange Editor- PDF-XChange Viewer- PeaZip (x64)- PeaZip (x86)- PeerBlock (x64)- PeerBlock (x86)- PendMoves- PerfMonitor 2- Personal Video Database- PeStudio- Photo Montage Guide Lite- PhotoFilmStrip- PhotoFilmStrip (x64)- PhotoFiltre- PhotoSift- PhraseExpress- Phyrox Developer Edition portable (x64)- Phyrox Developer Edition portable (x86)- Phyrox ESR portable (x64)- Phyrox ESR portable (x86)- Phyrox portable (x64)- Phyrox portable (x86)- Picasa- PicPick- PidginPortable- PipeList- Playlist Creator- PlayTime- Poedit Portable- PopSel (x64)- PopSel (x86)- Portable DVD Slim Free- Portable Extension Warlock- Portable Keyboard Layout- PortableFileAssociator- PortMon- PortScan- PosteRazor- Postman portable (x64)- Postman portable (x86)- PotPlayer (x86)- PotPlayer( x64)- Power Scheme Toggler- Precise Calculator- Pristy Tools- Privacy Eraser Free- PrivaZer- ProcDump- Process Closer- Process Explorer- Process Hacker- Process Monitor- ProcessKO (x64)- ProcessKO (x86)- Programmers Notepad- Project64- PSPad editor- PsTools- Pulover's Macro Creator- PuTTY- PWGen- PyCmd- qBittorrent portable (x64)- qBittorrent portable (x86)- Q-Dir- Q-Dir (x64)- QiPress- Qsel (x64)- Qsel (x86)- Qt Linguist- QTranslate- QuickAcessPopup- QuickHash GUI- QuickLook- QuickTextPaste- QuiteRSS- Race for the Galaxy- Radio Ripper- Rainmeter4 (x64)- Rainmeter4 (x86)- Rambox portable (x64)- Rambox portable (x86)- RAMMap- RAMRush- RapidEE- RapidEE (x64)- RawTherapee (x64)- RBTray- RealWorld Paint- RecursiView- Recuva portable- Redwood- Refresh Windows Tool- RegAlyzer- RegDelNull- Registrar Registry Manager- Registry Commander- Registry Editor PE- Registry Finder- Registry Finder (x64)- Registry Usage- RegJump- RegPortable- RegSeeker- Regshot- Remote Desktop Manager - Free Edition- Remove Empty Directories- RenameMaster- ReNamer Lite- Replace Genius- Replace Text- ResEdit (x64)- ResEdit (x86)- Resonic- Resource Hacker- Restart To UEFI- Revo Uninstaller- Ricochet- RightNote- RIOT Radical Image Optimization Tool- portable (x64)- portable (x86)- RJ TextEd- RMPrepUSB- Robo 3T- Rocket Dock- Rocket.Chat portable (x64)- Rocket.Chat portable (x86)- RogueKiller (x64)- RogueKiller (x86)- RouteConverter OpenSource Ed- Royal- RSS Guard- RtCA- Rufus- Ruler Help- Run-Command (x64)- Run-Command (x86)- RunPE Detector (x86)- RWEverything- RWEverything (x64)- Scan Tailor (x64)- Scan Tailor (x86)- sChecklist- SciTE (x64)- SciTE4AutoHotkey- Scott Adams Adventures- Scratch- ScreenToGif- Scriptm- ScummVM- SD Card Formatter- SDelete- Search my Files- SE-ColorMaker- SecureWAMP- Send To Manager- SepPDF- Serva Community (x64)- Serva Community (x86)- SFV Ninja- SG TCP Optimizer- ShareEnum- ShareX- SharpKeys- ShellRunas- ShiftN- Shortcut Scanner- Shotcut (x64)- ShowTx- Shutoff- Shutter Lite- Sigcheck- SigcheckGUI- Silverpoint Skin Editor- sImgurUploader- Simple System Tweaker- SIV System Information Viewer- Size Matters- Sizer- Skype portable (x86)- Sleipnir- SMARegisTry Backup- Smart Defrag Portable- Smart Text Encoder- SmartGit portable (x64)- SmillaEnlarger- SMPlayer (x64)- SMPlayer (x86)- SMTP Mail Sender- Snap DB- Snap2HTML- Snap2IMG- Snappy Driver Installer Lite- Snes9x (x64)- Snes9x (x86)- SOFA Statistics- SpaceSniffer- Speccy- SpeedCrunch- SpeedyFox- Spews- SpinZip- Splat- sPlaylistMaker- SPS Builder- Spybot Anti-Beacon- SpyDetectFree- SpyDetectFree (x64)- SQLiteSpy- Squeaky Mouse- SRWare Iron- SSD Tweaker- SSD-Z- SSuite Envelope Printer- StandaloneStack2- Start Killer- Starter- StartupMonitor- STDU Viewer- Steam URL Converter- Stella- SterJo Browser Passwords- Ste


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