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The Message Of Islam In Urdu Full Movie Download

Walaikumasalam Brother, JazakAllah Khair for your kind comment and dua. May Allah accept it from us and aide us all in this mission, Ameen. It is really nice to know that you are working to promote the site. We need more brothers like you to help spread the message of Islam using these tools for good, Alhamdulillah.

The Message Of Islam In Urdu Full Movie Download

As more revelations enjoined him to proclaim the oneness of God universally, the Prophet Muhammad's following grew. God's message as conveyed through Muhammad was not, however, unanimously accepted in Makkah. Pagan worshippers threatened by the new monotheistic religion and merchants anxious to preserve the profitable pilgrimage trade intensified their opposition to the followers of Islam. To foil an assassination plot against him, Muhammad and a small group of his dedicated followers in 622 emigrated to the town of Yathrib, which was later named Madinat Al-Nabi, meaning 'City of the Prophet', and now known simply as Madinah. This, theHijrahor emigration, dates the beginning of the Islamic calendar and the history of the Islamic community. Within the next few years, several battles took place between Muhammad's followers and the pagans of Makkah. The Prophet Muhammad unified the tribes so successfully that in 628 he and his followers reentered Makkah without bloodshed, destroying the idols in the Ka'abah, and the inhabitants of Makkah embraced Islam.

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