Equine Communication (E/C)

Learning Their Language

How the heck does a person or animal know if another person or animal understood what they just said?  Well basically they respond in some fashion. 

People who live with animals know they respond to our attempts to communicate with them by teaching them our language. Now there is research that has been done to show us how we might learn a bit about their language, and use that information to have a general conversation. 

What is confusing is they do not hold the same world view or concept (a plan or intention) from which they form their thoughts. In a nutshell they do not have much of a frontal lobe and therefore are unable to form stories like you and I do. They do not understand the concept of “Best or Better” or “Bad or Good”.


There have been many folks in the animal world that have been working on this process and each species has their own language rules.  I came to understand the idea that my horse Nemo was asking me to listen to him. I have the complete Nemo Story in my book Being Herd.

After years of telling Nemo’s story, I met Sharon Wilsie author of Horse Speak™ and now I teach elements of Horse Speak. 

"Form a bond that is deep and authentic."

A holistic approach to a deeper connection between horses and people.

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