Lucinda B.'s evidence-based curriculum takes you through a transformative experience, resulting in a deeper connection with your horse and yourself.

This supportive information can be used in any discipline.


Equine Mandala™

A four-sided holistic approach to understanding horses, their behavior and World View.


Mental Health Professionals

A horsemanship program specifically for mental health professionals that want to integrate equine therapy into their practice. This program is designed to teach the basics by using Equine Science & Knowledge (ESK).

Our transformative approach is designed to give practitioners a holistic understanding on how to work with horses in a safe and productive way.

Introduction and Analysis:

Sessions will begin immediately with hands-on experiences with the horse.  We will learn:

• Basics of horsemanship

• Approaching and greeting

• Bridling

• Grooming

• Walking with a horse

• Safety when working with horses

By using the Equine Mandala™ as a guide on how to work with horses, you will gain a holistic approach that gives you a deep understanding of horse behavior, and how to form a partnership with the horse when working with clients.

Once completed, you will receive a certificate of completion if all skill levels are met.

Price: $650 Individual Program 

Includes 6 sessions, 90 minutes each.

Groups of 4-6 people: $495 per person

Includes one weekend - Friday evening, Saturday day, Sunday until noon.

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Horse Trainers

A horsemanship program specifically for existing horse trainers that want to integrate the Equine Science & Knowledge's Equine Mandala™ into their training.  Trainers using this program must have 3 years of teaching paid clients. 

Our transformative approach is designed to enhance a horse trainer's knowledge of Equine Biology & Physiology, the Horse's World View, Learning Their Language (elements of Horse Speak®), and Release & Pressure. 

Introduction and Analysis:

Sessions will begin immediately with hands-on experiences with the horse. In this program we will dig deeper into the Equine Mandala™ and get a deeper understanding of:

• Neuroscience - Equine Biology & Physiology

• Equine Ethology - the Horse's World View

• Equine Communication - Learning their Language (elements of Horse Speak®)

• Release & Pressure - Learning to Learn

There will be an assessment, Individual learning plan, and a skill level sheet that will keep you on track for the goals you have outlined.

Price: $650 Individual Program 

Includes 6 sessions, 90 minutes each.

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"Lucinda B.'s program is a perfect blend of science and practical knowledge.  I have been riding horses my whole life and my relationship with my horse has never been better from this program.  I can not recommend it enough!"

Teresa M., Bend OR

Equine Science & Knowledge Programs are held at:


Use One of BentWire Ranch's Horses

If you don't have a horse of your own, there are many horses that would love to work with you!


From wild mustangs off the range, to more trained and kid-friendly guys, we welcome the chance for one our herd members to form new relationship with you. 

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