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A workshop is lecture-type presentation without horses. They usually last about 2 1/2 hours.

Lucinda B. introduces the Equine Mandala and explains how the knowledge found in the four quadrants are interdependent:

  • Horse Speak

  • Neuroscience

  • Equine Ethology

  • Learning to Learn

Her workshops are full of images, stories and videos.

She can give a presentation that focuses on a particular quadrant (i.e., Horse Speak). 

Plenty of time for questions during and at the end.

In-Person Workshops- $60 per person

In-Person workshops must have a minimum of 6 participants. Limited only by the size of the facility.

Participants can pay in advance or pay upon arrival.

Someone in your group must have a space of sufficient size available to accommodate the group.

What we need for In-Person Workshops

  • Adequate Wi-Fi

  • An area or room sufficient in size to seat all participants.

  • Some way to dim the light to see the slide presentation.

  • Chairs for all participants.

  • A restroom for participants.

  • Sufficient space to park participants' vehicles.

  • A light-colored wall or screen to project the slides on, or a big screen TV large enough for all to see.


  • We strongly urge participants to familiarize themselves with the website and the basics of the Equine Mandala. We will be able to move into the subject matter faster if all are familiar with the terminology used.

Travel and Housing

  • Within 150 miles of Prineville, Oregon, travel fees are based on round-trip mileage. First 50 miles are free.

  • For Workshops outside of the Northwest, other travel expenses may apply, such as air-fare for Lucinda B. and an assistant, lodging, and meals.

Contact Us About Hosting a Workshop

Please let us know if you would like to host a Workshop in your area!

After receiving your inquiry, we will send you our Lucinda B. Workshop Hosting Packet, which has all the details you need to know to plan your event.

To get started, please answer ALL of the questions below. Thank you!

Contact us about Hosting a Workshop with Lucinda B.
Is a classroom space available?

Thanks for submitting your request.

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 It was so good to meet you this weekend and spend time learning and listening to your experiences.  Even though it ended on a tough note, what I learned from you and watching the others is so valuable and inspirational.  I am looking at my herd and their dynamics in a new way.


As you said, Alegre settled as soon as we were on our way.  We made the 2pm ferry and practically rolled right on the boat.  He did do some kicking and "screaming"  on the ferry, but by the time we pulled into our driveway, he was settled and calm.  Actually walked slowly out of the trailer!!


i believe that as we tackle this issue in a more low key and less rushed manner, this will further our relationship and help him to develop more confidence.  The tools and insights that you shared this weekend will without a doubt help me.  Specifically develop my sense of calm and focus. My challenge is not to meet him in that panic place and show him that calm and centered is the way to be.  It is no accident that he is my horse.  As I said, "my therapist lives in the barn!"


I am looking forward to when we can meet again and continue on our journey. 

Take care, Jackie W.- Washington

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